Dentistry In Paradise

Dentistry in Paradise is once again being hosted in Barbados from 18th – 23rd April 2017 at the Accra Beach Resort and Spa under the auspices of Caribbean Dental Programs Inc. The theme for this 15th annual convention is "Incorporating Aptitude With Attitude - A Plan For Success" with special emphasis on incorporating approved modern technologies. This meeting caters for local, regional and international delegates whose attitude will lead to success. To achieve aptitude, we have a highly qualified Convention Faculty which can be viewed on this site. It is hoped that local & regional governments as well as practice owners will also plan for success by permitting their employees to update their knowledge & skills through this CE program.


Full information on this convention is provided throughout this website. In attendance will be exhibitors displaying an array of new products which we encourage delegates to view and purchase. The main goal of this meeting is to provide a high level of academia especially to local & regional members who find it difficult to travel to international meeting. All members of the Convention Faculty willingly share their knowledge to delegates in relation to our dynamic profession.


The convention is a totally all-inclusive package with academia, lunches etc. It is an attractive investment package within our national tourism convention-product which is expected to garner some financial benefits for our country while permitting our overseas delegates to take the opportunity to travel with their families and staff to enjoy the cultural and academic sections being offered.
All fully registered delegates and lecturers can attend the social events at no additional cost but there will be a charge for others persons.

The large variety of topics will be of benefit to all members of the profession with updates on The 3-D Cone Beam Computerised Tomography (CBCT); photography; Cross Infection Control; Occlusion; Practice Management; Handpiece Repair; Paedodontics; Crown & Bridge; endodontic restorations; merits of Certification for dental Surgery Assistants and Dental management with DENTRIX. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Organising Committee at (246) 429-4460 or by email.


Full Registration covers the entire 5.5 day academic event and will include all the Congress Lectures, Opening Ceremony, the “Social Programme", coffee and lunches. Delegates who do not want full registration can register on a daily basis but will only be entitled to attend that day's lecture-programme inclusive of tea break & lunch.


The organising company cannot be held liable for any programme changes that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Cost is listed in both Barbados & US currency with currency conversion being 2.00 BDS = $1.00 US.


Convention Highlights

The Academic Programme: This Convention Faculty is of the highest standard (see "LECTURERS" website page) and delegates are invited to view the biographies on this website.The program includes:

  • CBCT covered by Mrs. Maria Hardman on Tuesday. This new technology is now being used in almost all areas of dentistry and all members are invited to comprehend how it works.
  • Photography is a most interesting topic in this digital age and will be provided by Dr. Jena Al-Bazi some of whose photographs have been published internationally.
  • Cross-Infection Control is another important lecture for all members of the profession on Wednesday. This is provided by two University of The West Indies (UWI) lecturers (Dr. Corey Forde from The Cave Hill Campus and  Dr. Dharmendra Rohit  from the Dental School in Trinidad).
  • Paedodontics will be covered by Dr. Mike Harrison from University of London and he will address a variety of issues inclusive of genetic factors which may affect clinical diagnosis. 
  • Crown and Bridge will be discussed in an interactive session on Friday by Dr. William Smith, Director of the University of The West Indies Dental School. This is a must-attend  for all practicing dentists.
  • Practice Management and Occlusion will be addressed by world renown, Dr. Michael Melkers on Friday. He will also host a workshop with his wife Jeanine to instill correct protocols for  assessment & management.
  • Endodontic Repair is sponsored by Clinicians Choice whose internationally recognised Dental Technician, Mr. Gregg Tousignant, will speak on the correct preparation & fabrication of a crown onto an endodontically treated tooth. This will be followed by a "Hands-On" session in the afternoon where all materials are provided.
  • Handpiece Repair will be addressed by Mrs. Julie Lyons-Wolfe who runs her own company. This will be followed with a Hands-On session in an adjacent room. Please see "Hands-On" below for details.
  • DSA's Lectures will be provided on Saturday afternoon by Mrs. Lauren Fulbert at the request of Dental Surgery Assistants.  All DSA's are invited for a minimal charge of $50.00 (BBD)/$25.00 (US).
  • Dental Operating Systems will be covered by Mrs. Barbara Cosio who represents DENTRIX which is the profession's largest dental operating managing system.

Hands-On: There are three Hands-On Programmes

  • Friday 21st April, Dr. Michael Melkers & his wife (Jeanine) will provide dental practitioners with the ideal manner in which patients can be assessed and treated. This session starts at 4.00 p.m. and concludes at 5.30 p.m. and is acknowledged as a must-attend.
  • Saturday morning 22nd April Mrs. Julie Lyons-Wolfe will give a workshop on Handpiece Repair and she has invited anyone who require her services to bring their damaged handpiece(s) for repair. There may be a minimum charge for this service depending on replacement parts etc..
  • Saturday afternoon, Mr. Gregg Tousignant will demonstrate how to rebuild the Endodontically treated tooth.

THE SOCIAL PROGRAMME will provide all delegates (local, regional and international) to "Greet & Meet" each other.  

  • Tuesday afternoon immediately following the Opening Ceremony there will be a Reception complements of Accra Beach Resort and CDP. The event commences at 5.00 p.m. and concludes at 7.45 p.m. This enables delegates to intermingle, socialise and chat with lecturers.
  • Wednesday 19th April is a Free evening where delegates can explore sites & restaurants in Barbados. The hotel will provide information on venues of interest.
  • On Thursday, 20th April, there is an Evening Dinner and cultural show followed by a live band and dancing at Accra Beach Resort. Dress is elegantly casual.
  • On Saturday delegates can enjoy an evening at the Oistin's Fish Market where local foods and drinks are served. This normally provides a view of the lifestyle and culture within Barbados. Dress is casual.

For Caribbean Dental Caribbean Conference queries, please contact:
Dr. Victor Eastmond, Chairman or Mrs. Tanya Goddard, CDP Secretary
Rosedale Dental Centre, Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael, Barbados BB14004.
Telephone: (246) 429-4460; Fax: (246) 437-8739.
Skype: veastmond - Barbados
email: or or


CREDITS: Caribbean Dental Program will provide credit hours by monitoring the time spent by each delegate within the academic programme. Some lectures will also provide CERP / ADA Credits.

For Caribbean Dental Caribbean Conference queries, please contact: 


Dr. Victor Eastmond, Chairman

Mrs. Tanya Goddard, CDP Secretary


Rosedale Dental Centre, Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael, Barbados BB14004.

Telephone: (246) 429-4460

Fax: (246) 437-8739

Skype: V. Eastmond - Barbados